I offer low-cost workbooks that are designed to be accessible and practical guides to work through various challenges.   Workbooks are electronic and downloadable.  These workbooks were co-authored with my colleague, Natasha Bachoo, MSW, RSW.  Natasha specializes in working with individuals and couples with issues related to relationships, sex, and identity.

Letting Go of Cyclical Thoughts – FREE

This workbook is for folks struggling with cyclical negative thoughts that are impacting their quality of life. This workbook provides preliminary support on how to relate to our thoughts mindfully. It supports readers to better understand what thoughts are and what influences our thinking. As well, it guides readers to develop strategies to challenge negative thinking and de-fuse with difficult thoughts.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

This workbook is for folks struggling with their ability to trust themselves, their decisions, and their abilities. When self-doubt is chronic, it can impact our self-confidence and well-being. While the mind’s main goal is to keep us safe, it can also cause self-questioning, indecision, anxiety, self-criticism, and low self-worth. How can we begin to trust ourselves?

Overcoming Relationship Anxiety

Do you notice doubt, insecurity, and anxiety popping up in your relationship, even when it’s going well? This is relationship anxiety. This workbook is meant to help readers find a greater sense of calm and clarity in themselves and their relationship. This workbook is for folks struggling with:

– Ongoing feelings of doubt and anxiety in their relationships
– Feeling unsure if they can trust their relationship
– Wanting to know or figure out if this relationship is “the one” for them
– To know if they want to be in the relationship they’re in
– To know if they can trust their judgement about their relationship
– To know if they have chosen the “right” partner

Increasing Presence During Sex

This workbook is for folks struggling with distraction during sex, which can cause us to miss out on connection and pleasure. This workbook provides practical strategies to become more mindful and present during sexual experiences. It invites readers to self-reflect about their experience of distraction, develop strategies to communicate with their partner(s), and increase capacity for presence and pleasure.

Recovering from Infidelity

This workbook is for couples who have experienced infidelity and want to rebuild their relationship. This workbook addresses common challenges that couples face along with suggestions of how both parties can support repair in the relationship.

In this workbook, readers will:
– Develop strategies to understand infidelity and why it occurs
– Gain practical guidance to work through issues related to trust, transparency, needs, and communication
– Increase capacity to care for themselves and the relationship
– Develop strategies to rebuild a sexual relationship after infidelity
– Identify red flags that may indicate concern about infidelity occurring again in the future

Navigating Jealousy

This workbook is for folks struggling with feelings of jealousy in their relationship. Some level of jealousy can be normal and healthy. However, it’s important to address jealousy when it is chronic or negatively impacting our well-being or the well-being of our relationship. This workbook supports readers to explore issues related to trust within themselves and in their relationship.